claire S. Marchand

Owner & Photographer

My name is Claire Marchand, and I am a portrait photographer.

I have been creating dynamic collections of photographs in a number of genres including portraiture, head shots & branding, fashion & beauty, bridal, and commercial for over five years. 

When working with my team and I, you will feel guided and supported throughout the process of creating your portraits. These photographs will outlive us, so we take great pride in the experience of creating them with you.

Each session is fully customized based on your needs and desires. I consult on wardrobe and work with a top-notch professional hair and makeup team to make sure that your photographs are absolutely stunning right down to the fine details. 

I loved working with Claire! She is extremely personable and kind, and makes you feel comfortable! She pays close attention to quality and works toward getting the very best possible shot.
- Jaqui T.
Miranda Berube

Miranda Berube

Hair & Makeup Artist — Studio DJ — Hair Wind Expert

Keely 1.jpg

Keely Lozier

Wardrobe Stylist — Beauty Enthusiast — Your Personal Cheerleader

Dianna Hampton

Dianna Hampton

Hair & Makeup Artist — Glam Queen — Fabric Throwing Extraordinaire



This is more than just a photo shoot.

It is an experience you will never forget. I will learn about you in order to create a collection of photographs that is unique to you -- but more importantly, you will likely learn about yourself. You will also learn posing tips for your unique shape, hair & makeup tips from my wonderful artists... and experience the ultimate day of self-care, letting yourself be pampered and fully relaxed for the camera. 

The photographs are a timeless memento from the experience. When you look back at them, you will remember the day we created them together. You will show them to your loved ones with pride and they will love them as they love you -- because they are you! Each individual photograph showcases one of your many facets, which makes it a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. They each come together as a collection that is unique to you. 


suki’s branding session

ellen’s emotional reveal



CS Marchand Photography is a full-service modern portrait studio. Experience a luxury glamour, family, senior, maternity, or couples’ Portrait Session complete with hair & makeup, wardrobe styling, and more!


Why book a Portrait Session?

To treat yourself. To pamper a loved one. To celebrate a milestone (graduation, engagement, pregnancy, etc.). As a birthday present to yourself! I could list reasons why all day. 

Let’s create a collection of the most beautiful portraits you’ve ever seen of yourself together. You, your loved ones, and generations to come will cherish each and every photograph.

The whole session itself was incredibly fun - I’m pretty self-conscious, especially about photos, but Claire & her makeup artist made me feel super comfortable so it felt much more like hanging out with old friends... The photos make me look amazing, while still capturing the essence of my personality.
- Elizabeth H.


CS Marchand Photography offers creative, high-quality professional business Head Shot & Branding Sessions.

People do business with people they know, like, and trust. A great set of head shots can jump start ALL of these things.


A head shot is often the first thing potential clients and customers see, well before they actually meet you in person. Maybe they come across it on LinkedIn, in a newspaper article, or simply browsing friend recommendations on Facebook. Before they even read your bio, they are greeted by a photograph.

In a world so saturated by images and text, it is important to not only catch their eye, but to come across exactly how you do in real life. Let’s capture and showcase you & your brand together.

I can’t thank Claire enough for the time and care taken to help me and everyone else see who I am. She is truly gifted.
- Ellen G. of Existential Life & Energy



Every Session Includes

A consultation with Claire to discuss your vision

Wardrobe Consultation & access to the Studio Wardrobe

Your custom-designed photo Session with multiple outfits

Coaching from Claire to achieve your best angles

Professional Hair & Makeup

Professional Image Retouching

Reveal & Purchasing Appointment

Credit Towards your Portrait Collection

We will start by meeting in person or over the phone -- this is when I'll ask you to tell me all about how you'd like to be photographed! This is a crucial step in designing your custom Session. I'll go over the whole experience with you in more depth, and answer any questions you have. From there, we'll get you booked in and schedule your Wardrobe Consultation, Session, and Reveal & Purchasing Appointment.

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